Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eating furniture

Any reason as to why my 6month old dog is now chewing on my couches?? Is he hungry, thirsty, bored? He has not chewed anything that wasn't his for the 4 months we've had him. He is getting daily exercise and playtime... I'm losing it.


  1. Two words:
    Puppy. Puberty.

    Passage of time. More training. More confinement. More exercise. More dog day school with Peggy Moran for (your!) mental health breaks and (his) training reinforcement. More drop-in play training, Wednesday AMs, Sunday AMs, or both!

  2. Steve, the poster boy, chewed my brand new sheets and blankets until he was one year old. Even though I gave him his chew toys he preferred to chew on the zipper locks of my pillow protectors. Now that he is more than 2 years old I will buy new bedding and hope he has out grown his habits.

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