Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cancel the celebration

Well, this is why I have a hard time celebrating the little things... I gave Knox his down command today and the bdd took 34 minutes! I tried real hard not to show my frustration, honest, I did. When I asked him to do it again he complied much quicker although after the first sucky attempt I was not that impressed. Why do I have such a hard time accepting this training as a process and not a finish line? All my life people have always said, "you're so patient". HA!!! Apparently I've used it all up. I am often asking myself, "Why did I take on this responsibility? Why did I add one more thing to my life that needs my constant attention?"


  1. Suggestions in response to your "Why" questions:

    You are doing a GREAT job as his trainer; you have an adorable "bdd;" everyone with four little kids would be asking the same questions and facing the same--or greater!--challenges with their patience; and all of this will be totally worth it in the long run! (In the short run, there is always the option of packing his little lunchbox and shipping him over here for a weekly day of dog day-school!)

  2. Well done, grasshopper! Hang in there. Pay the dues now and enjoy the ride later.